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Plumbing Products: Flow-saver

Flow-saver Water Management System

  • Battery operated water management system
  • Saves up to 96% water compared to uncontrolled cistern
  • Totally flexible and programmable to suit specific premises
  • Hygiene flush every 12 hours to maintain hygiene standards even if no users are present
  • Awarded Waterwise Marque for products designed to reduce water waste


Flow-saver® : the easy way to make big savings on water AND costs

Flow-saver is an award-winning water management system from Warner Howard, which can ensure huge savings of both water and costs.

Using infra-red technology and a real time clock function, Flow-saver regulates the flushing of urinals with a totally flexible programmer which ensures that the cistern is flushed only during operational hours.  It maintains hygiene standards whilst conserving water and dramatically cutting water costs – saving up to 96% of water usage compared with an uncontrolled cistern, and around 30-40% against more basic water management systems.

Flow-saver is battery powered and a separate programmer to ensure that the unit matches operational hours.  A hygiene flush happens every 12 hours even when the washroom is not in use (for example, at weekends), to keep the system free from blockages and smells. 

In recognition of its water saving properties, Flow-saver has been awarded the Waterwise Marque, for products that reduce water wastage.


Flow-saver Technical Specification

129mm diameter, 47mm (D)


4 x lithium AA batteries

ABS plastic

Catalogue numbers:
White:  097040
Polished:  097041
Brushed:  097042
Programmer:  080908