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AeraMax Professional IV

The Benefits of Clean Air

  • Removes 99.9% of harmful germs, allergens and particulates as small as 0.3 microns safely and easily
  • Improved indoor air quality improves mental tasks, like concentration and recall, and can reduce absenteeism due to illness
  • Clean air free from contaminants and harsh odours shows care and concern for the well-being of your staff and customers, increasing loyalty.

The AeraMax Professional IV is a solution that enhances the quality of your entire facility by eliminating odours and removing harmful germs, allergens and other irritants from the air. It is an ideal air purifier for large rooms, with coverage ranging between 60-130m2.

  • Flexible uses, the quiet mode runs at below ambient sound levels, whilst rapid purification mode is initiated when room is unoccupied
  • Units are unobtrusive and aesthetically-pleasing
  • Carbon filtration adsorbs odours and volatile organic compounds

AeraMax Professional IV Technical Specification




Hybrid 2-in-1 filter, combines activated carbon & HEPA Filter Media

M3/hour (5 fan speeds):



497mm x 881mm x 228mm