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Warner Howard launches new product to boost washroom hygiene levels!

Warner Howard, the renowned air dryer brand have expanded their range to include the BioZone– an advanced air purification system. The BioZone is an aircare system designed for the washroom that cleans the air and surfaces, destroying bacteria and odours. It kills 99.999% of bacteria and has been introduced to help Warner Howard customers reach optimum hygiene levels in their washrooms.

Working in conjunction with Warner Howard Dryers, the BioZone will ensure hands are dried with the cleanest possible air and surfaces maintain the highest levels of hygiene throughout the washroom. Costing less to run than a low energy light bulb and requiring minimum maintenance, the BioZone offers a highly sustainable solution to the common washroom problems of odours and bacteria.

The innovative BioZone unit is proven to reduce 100% of surface Salmonella and 99.999% of E.Coli and flu viruses. All of these viruses can be found in the washroom, making it an important addition to any washroom facility.

BioZone will help Warner Howard customers create a fresh smelling environment. Whilst other products often mask odour problems, BioZone resolves permanent odours by tackling the cause of the malodour. This is an important result for any organisation as 87% of people said a pleasant smelling washroom would positively affect their perception of an establishment (Independent Survey of 1000 people).

Using patented Technology, BioZone purifies the air using advanced sterilizing techniques. It controls contamination by drawing in air containing dust and impurities and treats it using UV light and Photo- catalytic oxidation. It then emits Ozone, Photoplasma and negative Ions to eradicate bacteria and odours. This compact unit has a quite operation, uses no chemicals and runs 24/7, maximising its results with minimum impact on its environment.

To find out more about BioZone and its benefits call Warner Howard today on 0870 850 4352